Purpose and Aims

Companions of St Aidan

Companions of St Aidan find their passion in God’s mission. However they connect to the Christian story – intrigued, exploring, inspired or a life long follower, Companions embrace God’s vision for the flourishing for all life.image
They have been inspired by the teachings of Jesus as He revealed the radical nature of the Kingdom of Heaven and its challenge to our everyday living. They feel energised and empowered by the Holy Spirit to make a difference in the places and communities where they are placed or belive they are called.

On learning about the life of St Aidan, Companions have found in the accounts of his life, a creative model to follow in their own relationship to God and to others. They especially value his sense of walking alongside others and encouraging those he met on his journeys to grow in faith. These values by which St Aidan lived are summarised in a Rule of Life that Companions seek to follow.

Sometimes those who are passionate about mission can find themselves ploughing a lonely furrow and so Companions cherish the practical support and encouragement that they give and receive from each other. They see themselves belonging to a dispersed but intimate community that is always open to new learning and which welcomes others to become Companions themselves. They value a sense of partnership and collaboration as the best way to work to make a difference that brings fresh hope.

The Companions of St Aidan are a supportive and dispersed community walking the Christian way.
Like St Aidan, Companions work with the grain of the communities in which they live and work in order to enable God’s Kingdom of dignity, justice and hope.