Mission Networks

Mission Networks

It is recognised that there are already examples of life affirming work taking place in many areas of mission. Companions are a means by which this goodness may spread and discover new opportunities to work alongside others who are also committed to bringing hope to their communities.

Companions initiate and /or join networks with other Companions that are addressing areas of mission in which they feel called as an enabler to work alongside others.

For example the focus of mission could include:

  • Debt and povertyimage
  • Mental health and well-being
  • Care of the elderly
  • Nurturing children
  • Working with young people
  • Supporting those with addictions
  • Working with asylum seekers and refugees
  • Faith and our daily work
  • Parish mission and development
  • Rural affairs and environment Companions are also encouraged to support the work and initiatives of other Companions in a variety of settings many of which cross traditional boundaries by:

Companions also lend their support to each other by:

  • Praying for each other
  • Joining in and lending a shoulder to specific projects that other Companions may be trying to get going or sustain
  • Sharing learning from their own experience