Learning Resources

On this page you will find a range of learning resources that Companions have found useful as they seek to love out the Rule of Life within their communities

Asset Based Community Development

“Asset Based Community Development is founded on the idea that change will imageonly happen if we identify and mobilise the gifts and capacities of local people and the social, physical and economic resource of a local place.” ¬† Al Barrett Vicar of Hodge Hill in Birmingham.

Read his paper produced by the Church Urban Fund here.

A Short Guide to ABCD by Cormac Russell of the ABCD institute.  This is a presentation which briefly outlines the key issue. View the presentation here.

Tools to aid discussion and reflection

There are many different approaches to aid open and creative conversations imageand group discussions that lead to effective reflection and which can produce new insights and responses to a wide range of issues.

The approach called SARA is one version. SARA stands for Story, Analysis, Reflection and Action and it is outlined in this paper.


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