About St Aidan

St Aidan – An Inspiration for today

St Aidan was the first Bishop of Lindisfarne and the pioneer of Christian mission in this our beloved region. Aidan came here at the bidding of King Oswald, he staidanwalked the land and talked with all he met about Christ. He loved all the people, be they rich or poor, powerful or powerless. To him all were significant and he would share Christ with whoever he met and whenever he met them.

He was both challenging and encouraging and always ‘walked alongside’ those whom he sought to inspire. Today, perhaps more than ever, in our turbulent and anxious world, we need to find a missionary zeal, a new energy to share the Good News of the kingdom of God here in our diocese, our neighbourhoods and communities. We need to support each other in our pilgrimage, a community of missioners connecting the faith that we have found with the world in which we live, finding God together at work amidst us in the daily lives of all we meet.