Walking the way of St Aidan…


This website offers you an opportunity to discover more about the life and work of the Companions of St Aidan.  If you feel attracted to its aims and activities then perhaps you will consider becoming a Companion of St Aidan yourself.  You are most welcome. Read more about what’s involved in joining this new mission order.

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A message from Bishop Christine


Bishop Christine outlines her hopes for the life of the Church in Newcastle Diocese and offers her support and blessing for the Companions of St Aidan.

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Learn more about the shape of life in this Diocese

imageThe Church Urban Fund have recently published a profile of each parish in the country.  Find out about the level of poverty in your parish and how it compare with others nationally.

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Asset Based Community Development

What is an Asset Based approach to Community Development?  imageLearn more from this presentation by Cormac Russel of the ABCD Institute and also from a by a report by Al Barrett published by the Church Urban Fund.


The Prayer of St Aidan


The prayer of St Aidan speaks to us of a spiritual life that is both engaged with world and open to God’s movement. What do you relate to in St Aidan’s prayer and how is it reflected in your life?

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